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New Series of Postings: The Inside Story.1

Two library readings the last weekend of September went well. I love the questions. Here are some answers: Is Mann pronounced "man" or "mahn?" It's pronounced Mahn to honor T.T.'s German ancestry. What about the surrealistic elements? How, for example, does T.T. slip his head under a door? Answer: My brother & I were little boys when Dad told us about Flat Man. We listened in wide-eyed belief; consequently, he never had to explain how such things were "possible."

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The first review of T.T. Mann is super!

An email today brought a review of "T.T. Mann, Ace Detective" published in READERS' FAVORITES BOOK REVIEW. After saying loads of positive things, the reviewer concludes, "I would recommend T.T. Mann, Ace Detective to anyone who is looking for something entertaining but not too heavy, much in line with the early Agatha Christie stories or Father Brown Mysteries." Here's the link to the full review: https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/t-t-mann-ace-detective

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The paperback & the ebooks look great!

Not much to say except that the project has come to a very successful moment. More to come.

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T.T. Mann, Ace Detective is in print!

Frankly, I'm a bit exhausted by the last month of pushing myself hard to get my novel out by August 1. Made it! More details soon.
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Getting closer and closer.

Okay, I know I've been touting the future publication of "T.T. Mann, Ace Detective" since January. I can now report that publication is scheduled for late July or early August. Drum rolls will announce the actual event as soon as it occurs.
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Coming soon: T.T. MANN, ACE DETECTIVE, a new novel.

Here it's April and "T.T. Mann, Ace Detective" is in production with Levellers Press of Amherst, Massachusetts. I'm proud to report that it's turned out to be a substantial novel, 244 pages divided into three parts, each dealing with one of T.T. Mann's major investigations: 1) Blondes Are Trouble; 2) The Angry Heiress; and 3) Mother's Way. Read More 
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T.T. Mann, Ace Detective: update

T.T. Mann is six feet tall and weighs twenty-two pounds. Three stories based on his 1955 cases in San Francisco have been collected in a book-length manuscript "T.T. Mann, Ace Detective." The manuscript went to the publishers last week. Expect more details soon!
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Book is progressing well

November's big news is that I believe I've found an independent press that will publish "T.T. Mann, Ace Detective." More details on that later. Right now I'm preparing the mss. for submission.
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Finished Draft of T.T. Mann, Ace Detective

This 80,000-word manuscript consists of three short stories: "Blondes Are Trouble," "The Angry Heiress," and "Mother's Way." Now to do proofreading and look for a publisher. See my September posting for a few more details.
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Draft of new book nearly done

T.T. Mann, Ace Detective, my current project, is almost done. It's a light-hearted take on the detective genre, set in S.F. in the 1950s and featuring a protagonist who is six feet tall and weighs only 22 pounds.
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