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February: Hopes for 2022

Willie showing a Joan of Arc mural.


The year is still young.  Time to list some hopes for 2022.


1. Health:  No more visits to Cooley Dickinson's ER.  None of us will trip and fall (as all three of us did in 2021).  Dorothy's walk will continue to improve.  Willie will find plenty of time to work on the murals in her Joan of Arc series. (See example pictured above.)  Gerry will pass all his medical tests this month and lose some pandemic pounds.


2. Home: The new septic system will be successfully built.


3. Our old car (2008) and truck (2007) will continue to run well.


4. World: The Covid pandemic threat will diminish.  The midterm elections won't be too messy, and please, no more wars!


     Sound like tall tales?  Maybe, but hope springs eternal.


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