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No Fooling: On Rereading THE BRUJO'S WAY

    The Brujo's Way (Sunstone Press, 2013)

Sunstone Press, which published The Brujo's Way, wrote in March to ask me to prepare a movie-TV promotional piece on the novel. In the course of doing so I reread the novel cover to cover, something I hadn't done for nearly five years. I'm pleased to report that it reads very well, even better than I remembered. Not only does the main protagonist, Don Carlos Buenaventura, encounter many dangerous situations, but he enjoys his love affairs with beautiful women and pursues his atonishing paranormal abilities in ways that add a mysterious element to the story of his life. The book's setting in the high desert country of New Mexico provides a dramatic backdrop to Don Carlos's adventures. The full text of my movie-TV promotional treatment will soon be posted along with Sunstone's catalog entry on The Brujo's Way.

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