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THE LAST OF OUR KIND. Kirkus Reviews concludes: "A very satisfying blend of the historical novels of James Michener and the spiritual accounts of Carlos Castaneda."

"The Last of Our Kind" was a Finalist in the 2016 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award competition in the Fiction-Adventure category, and shortlisted for the Chanticleer Reviews 2016 Chaucer Award for best historical novel in the pre-1750 Americas.

The year is 1706. Comanche war parties are boldly conducting raids near Don Carlos Buenaventura's home town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, French traders are aggressively expanding toward New Mexico from the Great Plains, and agents of the Inquisition have arrived in search of a brujo suspected of being in Santa Fe.


That brujo, of course, is Carlos, who is known locally as a respected citizen named Alfonso Cabeza de Vaca, his true identity a closely guarded secret. In the face of the many dangers that threaten the town, will he be able to bring his powers to bear and still keep his brujo identity secret? When, in the midst of these civic disturbances, his mortal enemy, a formidable sorcerer, comes to town, how will Don Carlos meet this ultimate challenge?