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The Inside Story.2

       Dad and his sons Dick and Jerry.

This is the second in a series of postings intended to provide inside information about T.T. Mann, Ace Detective. Where, for example, did the inspiration come for T.T. Mann, a San Francisco detective with a bizarre physique: 6 feet tall and weighing only 22 pounds? The answer is from bedtime stories my father told my brother and me. No, my brother and I in no way resembled Thin and his brother Flat physically, but there is some resemblance between the way we used to relate to each other and the way Thin and Flat relate to each other in the book. To close with a question: Can you spot a similarity between the endings Donna Leon gives many of Guido Brunetti's cases and the outcomes of T.T.'s three cases? Watch for the answer in a future posting.

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