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Good Reviews

Nothing gladdens an author's heart more than good reviews and positive feedback. I've been getting a lot of both. Here's an excerpt from a five-star review by Kris Moger in Reader's Favorite Book Reviews (September 17, 2018). "T.T. Mann, Ace Detective by Gerald W. McFarland is a fun throwback to the days of film noir, with private eyes, gangsters and femmes fatales. The main character, Thin Mann, along with his brother, Flat Mann, brings a touch of fantasy to these cozy mysteries as one is as thin as a garden hose and the other is as flat as electrical tape. Through each story, Thin faces thugs, dastardly husbands, and nosy relatives with the help of Flat and his secretary, Rosie, the love of Thin's life.... McFarland does a great job mixing these detective tales with enough twists and noir charm to build lighthearted mysteries that make for a pleasurable read on a Sunday afternoon. I would recommend T.T. Mann, Ace Detective to anyone looking for something entertaining but not too heavy, much in line with the early Agatha Christie stories or Father Brown Mysteries."

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