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Spring in New England

The magnolia tree is in bloom.

Yes, it's spring here.  The magnolia tree has been magnificent.  The daffodils have come and mostly gone.  The lilacs are about to burst into full bloom, and the lawn is greening up.  Swamp marigolds are brilliant yellow.  The temperatures are cool--in the fifties--but the advantage of that is that it stretches out the time when these early flowers are full blown.  Meanwhile, I've been wrking on a project in Leverett town history.  This month the library will celebrate its twentieth anniversary in its modern building.  I've tracked the locations of previous branch libraries which were mostly in the homes of local residents.  That might sound simple, but it isn't so easy to pin down precisely which place housed the library, say, in 1902.  Yes, one brnch was in the "Bourn place" in the Moore's Corner district.  But what house was that?  No house numbers in those days!  Also, some of the people who live in those houses today had no idea that residents a hundred years or more ago had opened their doors to book borrowers.  My health, which was a focus of a January blog, is pretty much the same.  The good news is that I'm able to do nearly everything I normally would do.  A medication that might resolve the situation doesn't kick in fully until August.  Wish me luck.

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