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An Ordeal Is Over

Yes, I'm grinning ear to ear!

Okay. This title is perhaps too dramatic, almost embarrassingly so.  But for almost a year--October 7, 2022 to September 25, 2023--I had to wear a catheter to deal with a prostate condition.  An operation to correct the situation had to be delayed again and again. Believe me, having to wear catheters through that period was no fun. Then I finally had the operation.  Catheter free at last!  What a huge relief! 

     Now on to other news: Dorothy and I are both now in our mid-eighties.  I had my eighty-fifth birthday last week.  I'm still finding it hard to believe.  Other than normal daily activities--house maintenance, yard work (raking up leaves is a big deal in November), shopping, and the rest--we've been trying to downsize.  No, we're not planning to move out of our house, but stuff--loads and loads of stuff--has accumulated in closets and drawers during the fifty-eight years we've lived here.  Sorting through all that stuff and figuring out what to do with it takes time.  Expect more news (hopefully, it'll be progress reports) in future blogs.

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