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November: Gerry's Birthday Month Reflections

Gerry's First Birthday (1939)

I've always been impressed by what a happy fellow I am in this picture.  My mother, who may be exused for a measure of maternal exaggeration, always maintained that I was a cheerful baby who laughed a lot.  The explanation may lie in the fact that I was fortunate to have loving parents, a loyal and accepting older brother, and wider relationships, particularly with a grandmother and several sisters of hers, who supported my interests in stamp collecting, rockhounding, and travel.  Admittedly, some of the stress and strain that's come into my life in the eighty-two years since this picture was taken has dented my ebullience somewhat.  Nevertheless, I believe that my youthful happiness remains at the foundation of my adult outlook: a tendency to be optimistic, content, and full of wonder with the natural world that surrounds me.  And I remain fortunate in many ways: blessed in having a loving wife, a beautiful house on a wooded rural lot, good health, and good friends.

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