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The backyard's in bloom

        Backyard Magnolia Tree Blooming

It's been a beautiful spring here in Western Massachusetts.  Cool weather slowed things down so we had lots of time to enjoy bulbs and trees in bloom.  But let me tell the story back of this magnolia, which as you can see is large and flourishing.  In 1985, when we put an addition on the house, this tree--then barely three feet tall--was living in what would become the basement of the addition.  So we asked the guys who were excavating the new foundation to move the tree.  We didn't really expect it to live.  The funny thing that happened later that day was that our cat, Francis, went out to the place where the tree had been and climbed over a pile of dirt left by the excavation.  When he saw the tree in its new location, he stopped in his tracks and stared at the relocated tree.  Then he turned and looked back to where it had been.  Who knew that trees can move, he seemed to be thinking.

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