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Working hard on P.R.

Busy, busy recruiting reviewers from Twitterland. So far I've had contacts from New Mexico and Ohio in the U.S. and South Africa, Bangladesh, Spain, France, and the U.K. Wondering what reviewers from varied nationalities will say.
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Books and social media

I'm basically a 19th-century fellow, but my wish to get my novels is forcing me to try social media to publicize them. I'm unsure about the results. Twitter folks are friendly, but they're selling not buying. Goodreads, which I checked last night, might help some. The Literary Net seems like Twitter. Lots of self-published books and their authors.  Read More 
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Posting frequent blogs

"The Book Marketing Bible," a very useful eBook by Norm Schriever, urges authors to post frequent blogs. Resolution for 2016: Post blogs more frequently.
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Looking Backward at 2015

2015 was a good year (except for a few short-term health problems). Best of all, the Buenaventura Series trilogy was completed, and the second volume was a finalist in a competition. Some readers found the series delightful. Now the problem is how to bring the trilogy to the attention of other prospective readers. Any suggestions?
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Heroes with superpowers #1

One problem with having a protagonist with superpowers is how to make him human. Probably in most fantasy fiction that's not a problem. The hero is either physically all-powerful or, like Gandalf, so wise he or she is perfect or nearly so. But I didn't want Carlos to represent either of those extremes. His task is learning to live in the world, not holding himself aloof from it. Read More 
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What the Owl Saw an award finalist.

There was no September blog post because I spent the last ten days of the month in the hospital recovering from surgery.
Good news! WHAT THE OWL SAW has been named by the New Mexico Book Co-op as a finalist for its Best New Mexico Adventure Novel of 2015 award. The NM Book Co-op is an organization dedicated to promoting communication among authors and readers of books in every genre dealing with the Southwest. Read More 
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Stay tuned. Yesterday I signed up for a Twitter account. Now I need to learn how to use it successfully. My Twitter address is @BrujosWay08sW.
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Progress Report on Buenaventura Series novels

Recently I sent the manuscript for "The Last of Our Kind," the final volume in the Buenaventura Series trilogy, to Sunstone Press. No formal publication date has been set, but some time this fall is likely. Presently I'm drafting short stories. See my June 4th post for instructions on how to obtain your free copy of the first such story  Read More 
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Free copy of Montezuma's Emerald

Some readers have had trouble getting copies of MONTEZUMA'S EMERALD, a short story in which Don Carlos meets his mortal enemy, Don Malvolio, face to face. To obtain a FREE copy, simply email and you'll receive the story as an attachment to a return email.
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A Scattered People: Every May

From A SCATTERED PEOPLE (pg. 1). "Every May when spring at last comes to western Massachusetts, a small batch of phantom lilies [narcissus] blooms in my garden near the swamp."
Today these bulbs--carried by generations of women in my family from East to West and now by me back to New England--are in full bloom. Read More 
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