Gerald W. McFarland

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Montezuma's Emerald

The centerpiece of this tale from Don Carlos Buenaventura's third life as a brujo is his encounter with Don Malvolio, a malign sorcerer whom Carlos had previously known only as the ancient enemy of the small brotherhood of benign sorcerers, the Sun Moiety, to which Carlos belongs. In MONTEZUMA'S EMERALD Don Carlos meets Don Malvolio in the flesh for the first time, and the enmity between the two of them ceases to be abstract and becomes personal. The stakes are high. If Malvolio obtains possession of this emerald, which once belonged to Montezuma II, the last emperor of the Aztecs, it would give him the power to rule the world.

Selected Works

Third Novel in Series
The Buenaventura Series trilogy comes to a dramatic and surprising conclusion.
Second Novel in Series
In pursuit of expanded consciousness, Don Carlos is drawn into a web of dark and dangerous enchantments.
First novel in Series
The life of Don Carlos Buenaventura, an eighteenth-century Santa Fe, New Mexico brujo (sorcerer).
Family History
An innovative synthesis of genealogy and the saga of American pioneers migrating westward.
True Crime
An astonishing true-crime story. The murdered man saves his confessed killer from the gallows.
New York City History
A vivid portrait of Greenwich Village in the first decades of the twentieth century.
Short Story
A story from Don Carlos's 3rd life, in which he courts great danger in order to prevent an evil sorcerer from gaining possession of an emerald with enormous power.

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