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Visitors to the website have been asking "why the owls and hawk"? It's because Don Carlos, the hero in THE BUENAVENTURA SERIES, is a brujo who has a special skill at transformations, changing himself into hawks by day and owls by night.


COMING SOON: T.T. Mann, Ace Detective. Six feet tall and weighing twenty-two pounds, T.T. Mann is the perfect protagonist for this light-hearted, book-length take on the detective genre. With help from his girlfriend Rosie and his brother Flat Mann, T.T. deals entertainingly with dangerous and daunting cases that arise in San Francisco ca. 1955. To be published by Levellers Press, Amherst, MA. Stay tuned for announcements regarding publication details as they become available.

Proposed cover for the eBook edition.

Latest Amazon Review: THE BRUJO'S WAY. "This was a unique reading experience that I highly recommend. Armchair adventurers will delight in Don Carlos's exploits, and serious historians will be amazed at McFarland's ability to weave history into fiction. I think of myself as not being a fan of magical realism, yet THE BRUJO'S WAY, full of magic, full of realism, puts a new spin on this genre. In this sense, the novel is fabulously 'fabulist,' and I love the way the author blends allegory and history to create his protagonist's world. The historian in McFarland is evident and impressive, yet it is the storyteller in him--and Don Carlos's journey to self-hood--that we fall in love with."

BIG NEWS! "The Last of Our Kind, Third in the Buenaventura Series," has been named as a Finalist in the 2016 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award competition in the Fiction-Adventure category.

AND MORE BIG NEWS: "The Last of Our Kind, Third in the Buenaventura Series," has been selected by Chanticleer Reviews as a Finalist for a 2016 Chaucer Award, Best Historical Novel in the pre-1750 Americas category.

About THE "COUNTERFEIT" MAN. See my November 16, 2016 blog posting my reflections regarding the Boorn-Colvin case on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the book's publication.

MONTEZUMA'S EMERALD, a forty-two-page short story from Don Carlos's third life, may be read for FREE by visiting its page under "works" and clicking on the appropriate link.

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Selected Works

Third Novel in Series
The Buenaventura Series trilogy comes to a dramatic and surprising conclusion.
Second Novel in Series
In pursuit of expanded consciousness, Don Carlos is drawn into a web of dark and dangerous enchantments.
First novel in Series
The life of Don Carlos Buenaventura, an eighteenth-century Santa Fe, New Mexico brujo (sorcerer).
Family History
An innovative synthesis of genealogy and the saga of American pioneers migrating westward.
True Crime
An astonishing true-crime story. The murdered man saves his confessed killer from the gallows.
New York City History
A vivid portrait of Greenwich Village in the first decades of the twentieth century.
Short Story
A story from Don Carlos's 3rd life, in which he courts great danger in order to prevent an evil sorcerer from gaining possession of an emerald with enormous power.

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