Gerald W. McFarland

Builds to a dramatic climax.

And what did the owl see?

Don Carlos's sixth life begins.


The Last of Our Kind
The year is 1706. Don Carlos's beloved Santa Fe is under threat from Comanche war parties, French expansion from the east, and the arrival of agents of the Inquisition who are in search of a brujo who, of course, is Don Carlos. Will he be able to keep his brujo identity secret? When his mortal enemy, a formidable sorcerer, arrives in town, how will Don Carlos meet this ultimate challenge?

What the Owl Saw
The ongoing adventures of Don Carlos Buenaventura, brujo. Menace lurks on the southern horizon; a magician and two beautiful dancers come to Santa Fe; temptation and betrayal follow; Carlos's skills in transformation facilitate a rescue; Carlos re-examines the role of his brujo powers in ordinary life.

The Brujo's Way
The protagonist of THE BRUJO'S WAY begins life as Don Alfonso Cabeza de Vaca, son of a Mexico City Spanish aristocrat. Sent to Santa Fe in 1704 to become secretary to the governor of New Mexico, he discovers his buried identity as Don Carlos Buenaventura, a powerful brujo skilled in a benign form of sorcery.

A Scattered People: An American Family Moves West
An engaging portrayal of one of the great American experiences, the unfolding of westward expansion, told through stories of the author's own forebears, from their arrival in Massachusetts in 1630, through successive generations that gradually moved west, and at last reached California in 1900.

The "Counterfeit" Man: The True Story of the Boorn-Colvin Murder Case
This early nineteenth-century Vermont mystery has fascinated readers and legal scholars for two centuries. Stephen Boorn confessed to killing Russell Colvin and was sentenced to be hanged, only to have a man claiming to be Colvin return to town seven years after the alleged crime and save Boorn from the gallows.

Inside Greenwich Village: A New York City Neighborhood, 1898-1918
In the decades before World War I, even as Greenwich Village was gaining its reputation as America's Left Bank, it was important as Manhattan's most mixed-race, multiethnic district, reflecting in microcosm the challenges Americans faced as the United States became a modern, urban society.

Montezuma's Emerald
In this short story Don Carlos recalls his effort to prevent an emerald with great power that once belonged to Montezuma II, the last emperor of the Aztecs, from falling into the wrong hands. In the process, Carlos also becomes caught up in desire for the power that possessing the emerald would give him.

Selected Works

Third Novel in Series
The Buenaventura Series trilogy comes to a dramatic and surprising conclusion.
Second Novel in Series
In pursuit of expanded consciousness, Don Carlos is drawn into a web of dark and dangerous enchantments.
First novel in Series
The life of Don Carlos Buenaventura, an eighteenth-century Santa Fe, New Mexico brujo (sorcerer).
Family History
An innovative synthesis of genealogy and the saga of American pioneers migrating westward.
True Crime
An astonishing true-crime story. The murdered man saves his confessed killer from the gallows.
New York City History
A vivid portrait of Greenwich Village in the first decades of the twentieth century.
Short Story
A story from Don Carlos's 3rd life, in which he courts great danger in order to prevent an evil sorcerer from gaining possession of an emerald with enormous power.
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