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Finished Draft of T.T. Mann, Ace Detective

October 31, 2017

Tags: Moving forward

This 80,000-word manuscript consists of three short stories: "Blondes Are Trouble," "The Angry Heiress," and "Mother's Way." Now to do proofreading and look for a publisher. See my September posting for a few more details.

Draft of new book nearly done

September 24, 2017

Tags: current projects; detective fiction.

T.T. Mann, Ace Detective, my current project, is almost done. It's a light-hearted spoof on the noir detective genre, set in S.F. in the 1950s and featuring a protagonist who is six feet tall and weighs only 22 pounds.

Going strong again.

August 31, 2017

Tags: current projects; detective fiction.

Late in June I felt okay and began to write again. My three short stories done as a light-hearted spoof on noir detective fiction now total nearly 70,000 words. Contact me for more information if you're curious.

Back on track!

June 27, 2017

Tags: Drafting chapters & episodes

This past weekend I finally got back to writing after nearly two months in "Sick Bay." Episodes of "T.T. Mann, Ace Detective" are coming readily, but I still need to slow down and take naps to keep from overdoing.

The Lost Month of May

May 31, 2017

Tags: Pneumonia Report

The month of May was a total washout due to my having to deal with pneumonia, which included an eleven-day hospital stay. I found that I could read, but despite all the time on my hands, I couldn't muster creative energy to write. I'm still not well, but I'm getting better.

Second T.T. Mann story

April 20, 2017

Tags: Current projects; progress

I've completed "The Smith Case" in "The Thin Mann, Ace Detective" series and have started a second story, "The Angry Heiress." The gorgeous young heiress, Monica Van Dusen, wants out of her third marriage, but her S.O.B. husband is throwing up obstacles. Can T.T. and Rosie help?

Comic noir detective story

March 26, 2017

Tags: Detective fiction

Roaring ahead on my "T.T. Mann, Ace Detective" project about The Thin Mann and his brother Flat Mann, a detective story spoof set in S.F. in the 1950s. And wouldn't you know, the local crime boss, Biggie Fingers, has a brother named Tiny Fingers.

Rolling along!

February 25, 2017

Tags: Current projects; progress

I'm very busy drafting short stories based in the 1940s: stories my father told me, and games my brother and I played. 20,000 words so far this year.

Going flat out.

January 31, 2017

Tags: Very busy.

I am going flat out on two writing projects. 1) A new Buenaventura Series novel set in 1784. 2) A series of short stories: "Two Boys Growing Up During World War II." It's all coming very easily. Whether either project will ever get into print is another thing altogether.

New Year 2017

January 3, 2017

Tags: New writing projects

Time to be writing again. I've started 3 projects: a) novel set in NM in 1784; b) another novel set in CA & NYC in the early 1900s; and c) a biography of a NYC woman progressive reformer active prior to World War I. We'll see which one grabs me.

Selected Works

Third Novel in Series
The Buenaventura Series trilogy comes to a dramatic and surprising conclusion.
Second Novel in Series
In pursuit of expanded consciousness, Don Carlos is drawn into a web of dark and dangerous enchantments.
First novel in Series
The life of Don Carlos Buenaventura, an eighteenth-century Santa Fe, New Mexico brujo (sorcerer).
Family History
An innovative synthesis of genealogy and the saga of American pioneers migrating westward.
True Crime
An astonishing true-crime story. The murdered man saves his confessed killer from the gallows.
New York City History
A vivid portrait of Greenwich Village in the first decades of the twentieth century.
Short Story
A story from Don Carlos's 3rd life, in which he courts great danger in order to prevent an evil sorcerer from gaining possession of an emerald with enormous power.

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